Departure – Two Days Ahead of Schedule!


Wow! Where to begin.  There were so many stages to planning our exodus, but it all came to together in the final weeks before our June 30th ETD. Coordinating the sale of two cars was a huge concern and turned out to be easier than expected.  Fortunately for us one of our friends agreed to buy Donna’s car in the beginning of April, and hold off on taking ownership until the last week of June.  We sold my car at the end of May.

Regardless of the wonderful goal our downsizing and move supported, it was stressful.  What to keep, what to sell, listing on Craig’s List and Facebook Garage Sale Pages, having buyers come to the house, the no shows.  Selling the dining room table, around which many wonderful occasions were celebrated, left an unexpected angst.  And ultimately with what’s left, will it all fit?  Marking out the dimensions of the container on the garage floor helped to visualize the packing space I had available to me before the Pod was dropped off.  As larger pieces of furniture made their way into the garage, serious discussions were had about what we really need/wanted to keep.  In the end three loved, antique East Lake chairs (very uncomfortable) were willed to our sister-in-law and two press board bookcases didn’t make the cut.

My Tetris skills developed from loading a USPS truck for Sunday Amazon delivery during many Christmas seasons were fully utilized.  Boxes were packed heavy and to their fullest.  Side to side and top to bottom, every empty cavity in the Pod was filled until it required multiple hands to hold the bulging load in place as the last tie-downs were secured and the door was slammed shut on June 28th, two days ahead of schedule.


On June 30th, we had our feet in the surf at Dewey Beach when the Pod people called to say our container was picked up.  It is going to be like a time capsule when we open it again.

Many thanks to family and friends for timely boosts and heavy lifting.

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