We all get our inspiration to travel from different sources – books, newspapers, food shows, etc.  For years I used to tear pages out of magazines and “file” them away in a corner of the den, only to toss them out later in a cleansing.  Then I started bookmarking websites on my work computer ( I think we have all been there.)  Finally I settled on emailing myself links and saving them in folders by country or city, which meant they were always accessible for future reference.  It took five years before we got to stay in a stone cottage on the shores of Lake Atilan in Guatemala. Then another three before we watched hundreds of hot air balloons launch at sunrise from the terrace of our hotel in Cappadocia. These hotels, which inspired and enhanced our experiences of these destinations were drawn from our files.  Other times it might have been the photo of a beautiful vista that we could see ourselves wanting to share. Or shots of a weekly farmers’ market, in a small village in France that we wanted to experience that was the catalyst for a trip.  Many times destinations were chosen spontaneously with “that’s a really good price on airfare to that place, let’s go!”

Hopefully this resources page is useful towards planning your future adventures.

Safe travels,  Craig & Donna

For Flights:

Cheap Flights Europe -City to City Regional Carriers – Excellent list of Low Cost European Carriers –  For easy price comparisons and price drop notifications. – Has a useful pricing graph to determine when to fly to a particular destination for the lowest cost For some nice deals. Recently New York to Bali, Indonesia for only $486 roundtrip and Chicago, USA to Melbourne, Australia for only $771 roundtrip Recent finds Brussels Air – $484: New York – Bilbao, Spain. Roundtrip, including all Taxes and United – $504: Dallas / Miami / Philadelphia / Charlotte – Beijing, China. Roundtrip, including all Taxes A flexible search engine for flights

For Hotels:  Earn credits for a future free hotel room – activate for additional savings. Please use my referral code when you sign up for Ebates: For research and reviews – – activate for additional savings. Please use my referral code when you sign up for Ebates:

For Travel Insurance:

Travel Insurance is not full-time health insurance – good for 365 days of continuous RTW travel Breaks down travel insurance into eight different categories great for trips for 45 days or less. Must return to US base between segments of trip. For student airfare, tours and travel insurance

For Transportation Cost Comparisons: Research how to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile For researching international bus travel. Though flying appears less expensive many times, by the time you factor in the additional cost of getting to and from the airport and the time it takes to get through security, not to mention potential weather delays, busing from and to the city centers might be the less costly option.

For Weather: Is especially useful for marine weather if you are planning any day trips on the ocean.  It shows wave and swell heights over a several day period. Has a useful animated weather forecast for the area you are interested in.  Has wonderful temperature and rainfall charts to help you plan your trip to a specific area.

For Experiences: For destination experiences and tours

Field Trip is a city guide app by Google that enables you to explore your chosen destination on your own. Whether it is a local history tour, art or cooking class, even late night bar hopping a local resident (proud of their city)will show you the way. Culture Vulture invites you to explore the workshops and meet the traditional craftspeople of Fez to discover the rich heritage that Morocco and its people continue to convey through artisan-ship. “Where Sidewalks End (WSE Travel) is a travel company with a focus on responsible and sustainable practices in off-the beaten-path destinations”

For Alternative Stays: – Live like a local – stay in a private room, apartment or house that is locally owned. Many international locations.  Big savings on monthly rentals. Hostels have really evolved and are now on the cutting edge as travel destinations. Dorm rooms are still around, but you can also book a private room with bath in many of them now.  Many older travelers are now taking advantage of the lower cost hostels offer.  Just read the reviews of each establishment to see if it is for you. Free stays with a local host.

WWOOF – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms   Free room and board in exchange for working on an organic farm TalkTalkBnb – Provide language practice for your host in exchange for a room. Search for an unusual camping or glamping site around the world

House Sitting – Worldwide: is a lifestyle magazine that can help get you in the right mind-set A house or pet sitting service that connects owners with trusted and verified sitters worldwide A global house sitting matching service Find an international or domestic house sitting opportunity

House Sitting  – Mexico:

House Sitting – Australia:

House Sitting – New Zealand:

Inspiration and Tips for Planning an Around the World Trip:

Looking for the best travel quotes to inspire you?

A great resource to inspire that RTW trip.  They offer a free 30-day email series that covers relevant topics for planning your RTW. trip | Wanderlustn-a-round-the-world-trip/

Round The World Travel Inspiration – Planning For RTW Trips › Inspire › RTW Inspiration – Even the idea of travelling the world is an inspiration to a lot of people. A RTW trip is all about taking that inspiration to travel to the next level.

How to Travel the World » Extensive (First-Hand) Tips + Resources

Use these trip budgets as research and inspiration for determining your own … Plan a route around the world that best optimizes your travel goals with a realistic …

Expat News Letters:

Ecuador –

Guatemala – – very helpful information

Portugal – – very good website for unique boutique hotels.  Great local maps if you sign-up for their email.

Tour Companies – Just a Few to Whet Your Imagination:

Food Sanitizing While Traveling:

How to clean and disinfect fruits and vegetables in Mexico


The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning(dostadning) by Margareta Magnusson

The Art of Decluttering, Japanese Style according to Marie Kondo –