About Us

We’re Craig and Donna, married, both 63 years old when we start our adventure in June 2018.  We love to travel, so we are going to hit the road and explore the world for 2 years (maybe three) as economic refugees, to bridge the time until we are eligible for Medicare and full Social Security, and have some fun along the way while we go about it.  We figure it’s going to cost less than living in the states and a good way to stretch our modest pensions.


Why?  Some think us crazy, considering us at 63 to be retiring; that we should work until full retirement age for the security of benefits. But sometimes you just get worn out and need a change.  We would like to indulge in this experience while we’re still relatively young and healthy.

To do this, we are putting everything in storage; it’s just too costly to live where we currently do, in one of the most expensive areas amongst the mid-Atlantic states.  And for what we are willing to pay for rent in this area, we are not excited about living in.   So we’ve crunched some numbers and decided to downsize.   Selling off the family silver (sorry kids) and other unneeded household items on Craig’s List or eBay. Dropped our health insurance (will have a catastrophic travel Insurance policy)  and ordered a Pod (for storage) so that we can indulge our wanderlust until we return home to the states.  We only intend to be short-term wandering expats; we have no plans to emigrate or buy property abroad.

This will be slow-travel around the world, with up to three months in each country to take advantage of the 90 days on our tourist visas.  There will be some spells of continuous touring for short periods of time.  But mostly we are looking to do short term rentals of 30 days or longer, so that we can reduce our housing costs and save on meals,  using that extended stay in each to immerse ourselves into the local culture.

We’d like to share our experiences with you and hopefully provide some inspiration and motivation along the way to help you plan your own adventure.

Our first destination is the Galapagos Islands, then on to mainland Ecuador with a multi-day drive along the Avenue of Volcanoes, ending in the city of Cuenca where we will have our first short-term rental. Next we head north to Guatemala for 6 weeks.  February 2019 finds us in Portugal, then Cape Town, South Africa.  After that who knows? Hopefully we’ll explore all the continents.  “We’re not going to Antarctica.” Nothing is carved in stone.

Two suitcases for two years for the two of us. “Really, just two suitcases?” “Yep!” “Oh shoot.”  Yes, we promise to do laundry.

Wish us luck, we’ll keep you posted.

Craig & Donna