Travel Philosophy

Our mutual love of discovery through travel guides us – a willingness to explore other cultures, celebrating their uniqueness, and embracing the things we share in common.

Beyond that we really don’t have a consistent philosophy.  I mean, you don’t have to worry about us shedding our clothes on the foothills of the Andes and foraging for berries and mushrooms.  We enjoy plumbing.  Hot water is a big plus!  Heating and air-conditioning are huge bonuses. We have gone without both for short periods of time.  Unfortunately a good part of this world might never see these first world luxuries.

Unisex outhouse in the Sahara.

Only a few years ago we slept overnight night on the concrete floor of Philadelphia International Airport due to our flight having mechanical problems.  Around midnight an attendant with a cart full of small disposable pillows and space blankets came around to ease our discomfort.

Hopefully for the next two years our sleeping accommodations will be gentler.  And considering that we are doing part of this to avoid the high cost of retiring in the states we will be living on a budget, economizing by renting monthly and using local transportation options.  For our first six months in South and Central America our lodging will range from $22.00 to $125.00 a night, with the vast majority of the nights being on the lower end of the spectrum. If an opportunity arises that we feel we can’t miss, we’ll splurge and sell a kidney later.  Rock, paper, scissors might be called upon for that decision.  “I don’t know how to play that.” “Better yet.”  More importantly, we intend to have fun and stay spontaneous.  As we go along, we’ll share our monthly costs and how they break down.

Some of our Transportation options in Central & South America.