An Amazing Day in the Mindo Cloud Forest

We weren’t going to opt for this day tour from Quito in the beginning when we first planning our trip, but we are so happy that we changed our minds. Being backyard bird enthusiasts we have been happy with the small variety that was attracted to our Northeast feeders and thrilled when a hummingbird would briefly land on our flowers. The Mindo Cloud Forest ranges from 3200ft to 9800ft altitude and is lush in verdant green vegetation that hosts over 330 species of birds. Our guide, provided by Enjoying Ecuador Tours, was so enthusiastic that he would suddenly stop the car and beckon us to jump out to observe a bird that he spotted, high in the canopy above us, as he was driving.  We spotted 44 species of birds in one day!  The variety of wildlife in Ecuador is incredible! It was a fun and amazing day.

I use a Canon PowerShot SX60 HS all in one camera.  It zooms out to the equivalent of  a 1300 mm telephoto lense.  Hummingbirds move so fast.  I shot wide and then cropped into the photo.

Birds are a little more cooperative, they perch for awhile.

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